Weed killer sprayer

Weed killer sprayer: Herbicides applied with care

Now part of the industrial group, Excel Industries, Cooper-Pegler, is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional sprayers. Weed killer sprayers also serve for fungicide and pesticide treatments for crops and plants and are robust and reliable systems for growers across the world.

Whether you are in search of a motorized weed killer sprayer for coverage of large plantations or a knapsack sprayer that is lightweight and provides maximal reach with telescopic lance, Cooper-Pegler provides a whole range of herbicide sprayers. Liquid or powdered formulas can be used with our professional sprayers and are user-friendly in design, helping you to avoid spillages during filling or application.

Thanks to our diaphragm designs, our pumps systems are hardwearing and require little maintenance. Home gardeners, horticulturists and crop growers benefit from quality, even spraying from our systems… Large openings for filling or emptying or cleaning of containers, safety mechanisms also aid our users to maintain application standards with ease.

Weed killer sprayer: Training and support for professional sprayers

Cooper-Pegler is behind the leading professional sprayers used today thanks to their ergonomic and functional design as well as the high performance technology of the products. Cooper-Pegler provides training and support for all its weed killer sprayers, fungicide and pesticide sprayers, contributing to best practices in crop care.

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