• The Original Cooper Pegler

    A stamp “THE ORIGINAL – since 1894” has been created to mark authentic CP products: it now appears on product labels to distinguish against copies.

    The original
  • The spraying specialist for professionals

    For over 100 years Cooper Pegler has specialised in the development and manufacture of sprayers for the application of crop protection treatments. In 1995 Cooper Pegler was integrated into the Hardi Group and in 2007 in to Exel Industries- the world’s largest manufacturer of crop care equipment.

    Cooper Pegler Brand


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After Sales Service

All our products are repairable thanks to our after sales service which guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years after marketing cessation of the products.


Calibration consists of defining and checking through a test that spraying conditions are observed, in order to be more precise and efficient.

Training program

Lantra and Hozelock have built a relationship to support Instructors in the Pest control and Pesticide industry, so they understand the best Knapsacks to use whilst training.

Cooper Pegler, the sprayer specialist for professionals


Diaphragm pumps have been used for decades, proving to be the most durable, robust and accurate. Therefore the CP diaphragm sprayers require no service maintenance nor lubrication other than routine cleaning, resulting in a long-life product.


Through an efficient service network, we ensure that replacement components are readily and promptly available wherever in the world.


For over 100 years, Cooper Pegler’s mission is to guarantee users disease free crops using reliable, precise and efficient sprayers that they are taught how to use and maintain. It is our goal to continue to produce the most robust, reliable and user-friendly sprayers on the market.


Ensuring reliability and precision of a high quality sprayer entails tight control over all production conditions. Therefore, all main Cooper Pegler products and components are assembled at our factory in France by a skilled and quality conscious workforce.


Doug Price a Lantra instructor has led on to develop and write a Maintenance course so all in our industry can be more sustainable by extending the life of their Hozelock-Exel spraying equipment.

“I believe it is paramount that all involved in our industry work together so there is a consistent message to new and existing employees. “

Mandy Maynard – National Development Manager