Battery operated sprayer

Battery operated sprayer – a practical solution for crop and plant care

Cooper-Pegler has designed a battery operated sprayer used by horticulture professionals for regular treatments of plants. Suited for applications of liquid or powder products for disease prevention, the sprayer is designed as a backpack model and has a capacity of 15 litres.

The electric backpack sprayer is designed to be easy to use with large opening for filling, emptying and cleaning of translucent tank and comes with a telescopic lance allowing users a strain-free reach during spraying.

Cooper Pegler is a market leader with professional sprayers that resist wear and tear thanks to their robust and high quality design which includes a built-in filter system to prevent blockages. The C15 Electric sprayer comes with charger and a wide range of accessories such as nozzles and maintenance kits…

Electric backpack sprayer: Cooper-Pegler products

All Cooper Pegler products carry an authentic stamp, “Original – since 1894” recognizable by professionals in the agriculture and horticulture sectors. Whether you are looking for a quality electric backpack sprayer, handheld sprayer or motorized sprayer, you can rely on Cooper-Pegler’s designs, training in product use and after sales support…

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