Agriculture mist blower for treatments

Our Agriculture mist blowers have been specially designed to treat fields, crops and vineyards. Treatments applied with an Agriculture mist blower are generally used to fight diseases, weed, to spray fertilizers or to eradicate proliferating insects. 

A high-performance agricultural sprayer

At Cooper-Pegler, we know that sprayers are used with high frequency. That’s why we produce them with high quality materials. Our commitment is to ensure that you work with a sprayer that will last over time and can be used for spraying all types of phytosanitary products, regardless of their composition. 

Technical characteristics of agriculture Mist blower

All of our Mist blowers are equipped with our diaphragm technology, these diaphragm pumps are the most widely used on the market because they have a longer service life. Cooper Pegler mist blowers are equipped with a manual pump which allows a very fast maximum pressurization. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, the lever can be fitted on both sides. In addition to being ergonomic, our Agriculture mist blowers are all equipped with a transparent and graduated tank to make the control easier when filling it. Adapted to the natural posture of your back it allows you to reduce the musculo-skeletal disorders caused by repeated movements or prolonged work. Concerning the spraying lance, they are all made of composite materials to offer resistance and longevity. 

Dedicated to the design and manufacture of professional sprayers for over a hundred years, Cooper-Pegler has been supplying high performance sprayers for agriculture, horticulture and gardening. We offer advice to all users of our sprayers and mist blowers to ensure best practices and efficient treatments for all types of crops.  If you would like more information on sprayers for agriculture, please contact us.