Professional knapsack sprayers

Professional knapsack sprayers: ergonomic design and quality performance

Discover the range of professional knapsack sprayers designed and manufactured by Cooper-Pegler, a leader in the sector, dedicated to high performance, crop care products for agriculture and horticulture. The brand is easily recognizable thanks to the ‘Original’ stamp, a unique mark of high quality and long lasting performance sprayers.

The range of professional knapsack sprayers is based on the latest in pump systems technology, which makes Cooper-Pegler products highly resistant to wear and tear and contributes to efficient and even spraying results. Different, yet regular tasks in crop care are transformed into easier applications, large openings for containers, simple cleaning routines and built-in mechanisms for improved pressure control.

Models of professional knapsack sprayers such as the lightweight CP15 sprayer is a fine example of Cooper-Pegler technology applied to the specific needs of users. Ergonomic in design, with comfort and health of users in mind, the CP15 has adjustable shoulder straps and a tank shape to fit neatly along the back during applications. With 20L capacity, the tank provides autonomy during treatments but also reach, thanks to the telescopic lance. With a line of accessories, you can treat plants, crops of any kind with the correct type of spray intensity: jet, sprinkle or mist… or even opt for a double nozzle fixture for greater efficiency… feel free to learn more about our knapsack sprayer systems…

Professional knapsack sprayers: User-friendly and innovative solutions

User friendliness is a continued concern for the Cooper-Pegler team. The company’s Research and Development sector aims to provide consistent quality in performance while improving longevity and user comfort of its sprayers. Training programs and after sales support help to ensure best practices and optimal use of professional sprayers.

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