Pesticide sprayer

Pesticide sprayer: a reliable system for disease prevention

Cooper-Pegler, the leading designer and manufacturer of professional sprayers provides a range of pesticide sprayers for crops and plants. Having developed spraying technology for over a hundred years, the company’s products are robust and reliable systems.

A pesticide sprayer is available to match the type and size of your particular activity, from knapsack pump sprayers, handheld sprayers to motorized systems designed to provide even and accurate spraying are not only safe but also user-friendly with minimal maintenance.

A leading Cooper-Pegler sprayer, the lightweight knapsack, C15, equipped with telescopic lance, can be used for several different applications thanks to the range of nozzles and accessories…feel free to discover more about Cooper-Pegler professional pesticide sprayers…

Pesticide sprayer: effective and responsible crop care

Dedicated to providing industry with the best quality sprayers, Cooper-Pegler products provide high levels of pressure control, built-in anti-spillage systems allowing you to care for your crops easily. Cooper-Pegler is also committed to encouraging best practices in disease prevention and provides training and support for growers using its products.

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