Weed killer sprayer

Your professional sprayer designer and manufacturer Cooper-Pegler offers a complete line of sprayers to kill weeds. Take advantage of robust and reliable solutions for all uses related to the maintenance of your gardens.

Choose your weed killer sprayer model

A sprayer for weed control must be adapted to your needs in term of size and type of activity. For example, a 7 to 10 L sprayer can treat up to 500 m². For weeding areas of several hundred square meters, you can choose a solution like our manual knapsack sprayer models. One of the main Cooper-Pegler sprayers, the lightweight CP15 backpack, can be used for different applications thanks to the range of nozzles and accessories. 

To remove weeds from smaller areas, take a look at our compression sprayer models as well. All our sprayer models are designed to provide uniform and accurate spraying. They are not only safe, but also simple to use, with minimal maintenance.

Weed killer sprayer: our commitments

Designed to provide weed control sprayers, Cooper-Pegler imposes high levels of control and quality on all its products. Cooper-Pegler also encourages users towards better practices in the use of weed control products and provides training and support to gardeners and farmers who use our sprayers to treat weeds.

If you would like more information about our products or our commitments, please contact us.