Nozzle for sprayer

Nozzle for sprayer: Cooper-Pegler accessories

Made to measure nozzles for sprayers and a range of accessories add scope to the possible uses of your professional sprayer, transforming it into a flexible, adaptable ally in disease prevention care of plants and crops.

Serving the agricultural and horticultural industries for over a hundred years, Cooper-Pegler continues to invest in research and development and is a company committed to providing the highest quality sprayers and the range of nozzles for sprayers is part of the whole approach to safe and quality applications for users.

For faster and even spraying, the double nozzle holder for sprayers increases volume coverage, saving time during treatment of your cultures. For better reach and control during application, Cooper-Pegler has developed the adjustable nozzle which offers straight jet, fine spraying and mist spraying with a simple gesture.

Nozzle for sprayer: the nozzle kit

Whatever the type of professional sprayer you use, the nozzle kit gives you true autonomy and allows you to meet the specific disease prevention requirements of each of your crops. Cooper-Pegler sprayers are robust and reliable, multi-task crop care systems with a whole range of accessories… if you would like any further information about nozzles for sprayers, please contact us.