Manual knapsack sprayer

Manual knapsack sprayer: reliable equipment for disease free crops

The spraying technology developed by Cooper-Pegler, leading company in the sector is behind a whole range of manual knapsack sprayer systems for applications in agriculture and horticulture.

The manual knapsack sprayers such as the C15, lightweight model have consistently proven their reliable performance and robustness for the last fifteen years. User-friendly designs based on ergonomics for greater user comfort and hardwearing pump systems that provide uninterrupted, even spraying for all types of disease prevention of crops and cultures…feel free to discover more about Cooper-Pegler sprayers

From manual to electric knapsack sprayers, including handheld sprayers and mist sprayers, Cooper-Pegler has designed professional sprayers to match the needs of different spraying tasks; you can protect your crops and cultures with a high level of control and minimum maintenance requirements. Precise pressure controls allow users to eliminate spillages and adapt to spraying requirements.

Manual knapsack sprayer and accessories

Precise and safe spraying of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, manual knapsack sprayers offer increased autonomy with equipment available with 20 litre capacity, such as the CP3, knapsack sprayer. The telescopic lance and range of accessories widen possibilities for easy and effective crop care.

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