Knapsack sprayer suppliers

Knapsack sprayer supplier: Cooper-Pegler

Cooper-Pegler is a leading knapsack sprayer supplier with a line of robust and reliable sprayers designed for effective disease prevention of crops and cultures. Expert developers in the sector, the Cooper-Pegler spraying technology has continued to improve throughout the last hundred years of the company’s history.

Crop care made easy for professional growers with a choice of sprayer: backpack, handheld, trigger sprayers, motorized, manual sprayers, mist sprayers… the knapsack sprayer supplier aims to meet exact needs, matching product design to real practices and applications.

The Knapsack sprayer supplier is recognized by professionals thanks to its “Original” label, a unique stamp of authenticity and quality… Cooper-Pegler knapsack pump sprayers are equipped with a pump system that is unbeatable for its hardwearing properties, thanks to the company’s diaphragm technology.

Knapsack sprayer supplier: optimal performance for professionals

Cooper-Pegler aims to provide the best quality sprayers for agriculture and horticulture sectors and is also committed to training and after sales support for users, ensuring optimal and safe spraying for disease free crops.

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