Knapsack pump sprayers

Knapsack pump sprayers: performance spraying

Cooper-Pegler, is a European leader in crop care products, in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, a recognized manufacturer of professional sprayers. The range of knapsack pump sprayers provides high performance, are easy to use and ergonomic for user comfort.

The technology behind the Cooper-Pegler knapsack pump sprayers has proven effective and is the market leader thanks to hardwearing yet flexible design of the diaphragms of the pump systems. Crop care with a single unit, the professional sprayers can be used for different spraying tasks, adjust spray intensity to precise specifications and perform even spraying without spillage

Discover more about one of the top knapsack pump sprayers, the lightweight CP15 model. The tank has a capacity of 20 liters, requires low maintenance and adapts to spraying of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. A telescopic lance aids precise spraying with greater ease and comes with a choice of accessories… sprayers for disease prevention of plants and crops made easy…

Knapsack power sprayers: Cooper-Pegler aim for robust performance

Reputed for their robustness and user friendliness, Cooper-Pegler sprayers continue to improve. A commitment to research and development and quality lead to the design and manufacture of hardwearing sprayers that users can rely on… if you would like any further information about knapsack pump sprayers, please contact us.