Knapsack power sprayer

Knapsack power sprayer: performance and durability

Cooper-Pegler invites you to discover one of its many professional sprayer solutions, a knapsack power sprayer, designed to provide greater autonomy. The battery operated model of sprayer destined for use by horticulturists is ergonomic in design with a tank and shoulder straps adapted for a comfortable fit.

The knapsack power sprayer can be used for liquid or powder formula treatments and is easy to clean and maintain, ready to be used for different disease prevention applications: fungicides, pesticides, herbicides…

Equipped with the Cooper-Pegler diaphragm technology, users can expect high quality spraying capacity. Filling, emptying and cleaning the tank are simplified with purpose-designed large opening and with telescopic lance users have greater reach during application.

C15 Electric, the knapsack power sprayer by Cooper- Pegler has 15litre capacity and comes with charger and accessories… the leader in professional sprayers provides training and after sales support to ensure users make the best use of the sprayer, safe and effective care for crops and plants with every treatment.

Knapsack power sprayer: Cooper-Pegler solutions

Trusted by professionals all over the world, the label, “Original – since 1894” stamped on all Cooper-Pegler products is the company’s mark of quality. Battery operated solutions, handheld sprayers or motorized sprayer, learn more about Cooper-Pegler’s designs.

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