Backpack pump sprayer

Backpack pump sprayers: Cooper-Pegler’s lightweight spraying systems

Discover the spraying technology developed by Cooper-Pegler, a European leader in the sector for professional sprayers for agriculture and horticulture. The backpack pump sprayers have been the number one choice for professionals for more than 100 years thanks to quality performance and easy-to-use design.

Adaptable to suit to different spraying tasks, you can protect your crops and cultures with the correct pressure, the Cooper –Pegler diaphragm pump system allows high level pressure control, eliminating liquid spillage, delivering even application with your backpack sprayer.

With Cooper-Pegler, crop care is made easy… CP15 is a lightweight design and part of a range of backpack pump sprayer systems which also includes the CP3 sprayer ideal for greater autonomy with the 20 liters design. Users can attach nozzles to match precise application needs for spraying of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides for all models.

Backpack sprayers and diaphragm technology by the leading designer

Cooper-Pegler sprayers are reputed for their robustness and user friendliness achieved through the company’s commitment to offering the best quality products for all types of crop care sprayers. Advances in diaphragm technology free users from high level maintenance of their equipment; sprayers trusted for accurate and safe application thanks to the resistant and flexible designs of the central piece of the pump sprayers.

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