Horticulture mist blower – Gardening piston pump sprayer CP2

Convenient and easy to use, the CP 2 pre-pressure sprayer has an ergonomic grip and a sensitive pressure trigger, reducing hand fatigue for optimal comfort. Its 1.5 litre capacity also promotes stress-free spraying, combining capacity and convenience for one-handed use. It is also easy to store and transport thanks to its light weight, to meet all the needs of its users. The supplied adjustable nozzle with brass insert is designed for localized application or treatments on specific areas.

How the CP 2 sprayer works?

  1. To start spraying with your CP 2 horticulture mist blower you just have to:
  2. Fill the tank with your liquid solution
  3. Close the tank
  4. Use the pump with the integrated pressure relief valve to pressurize the sprayer.
  5. Your mist blower is ready! Press the trigger will spray the liquid in a continuous flow. As long as the pressure button on the CP 2 sprayer is held down, spraying continues.

Horticultural and gardening applications

The Cooper Pegler horticultural sprayer is particularly suitable for the treatment of houseplants:

  • Spraying products to treat your plants against insects or diseases
  • Use of organic fertilizers
  • Soil moistening for potted plants
  • Moss Control

Vegetables, flowers, fruit shrubs and also weeds can be treated with your Horticulture mist blower.

Additional Information