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The original 

A stamp "THE ORIGINAL - since 1894" has been created to mark authentic CP products: it now appears on product labels to distinguish against copies.
On the new boxes, you will also find the following text:
"Counterfeit copies are illegal and of poor quality. Care should be taken as these products are not manufactured in accordance with Cooper Pegler's rigorous reliability, build and safety standards."

 Ask for the original spare parts!

The crank and the diaphragm are key parts of the reliability of any knapsack: if replaced by poor-quality spare parts, the sprayer can under-perform or even be durably and irreversibly damaged.

To authentify quickly these parts, you can check for the Cooper Pegler stamp on them.

A poster is also available to enhance the importance of using original sprayers and parts to the end-user: ref 583559


New packaging

The complete CP packaging range has been revised with the aim of giving better product visibility and readability. While remaining consistent with the CP brand image, the new boxes focus more on technical information and end-user benefits in order to emphasize our differences from our competitors.

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The Cooper Pegler NSTS16/12/2016

'New' Hand Held Sprayer Check List'.

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