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After depressurizing the sprayer, check:

No pressurization of the reservoir.

- The seals of the various elements which are screwed onto the reservoir (hose, cap). Tighten. Change the seals ts if necessary.
- The seal of the hose rotating connector. Grease. Change the seal if necessary.
- The valve seal. Grease the seal or replace the valve if greasing does not solve the problem.
- The state of the piston seal pump. Grease. Change if necessary.

The liquid goes up to the upper part of the pump

- The presence and condition of the valve at the bottom of the pump body. If it is missing or damaged, replace it.

The liquid comes out of the nozzle without
pressing the switch.

- The condition of the handle piston joints. Clean. Replace them if damaged.

The reservoir is pressurized, the valve is
activated but the liquid does not come out when
you press the lance switch.

- That the circuit is not blocked at the handle filter or at the nozzle. Clean.
- That the plunger tube is coupled to the tubing.

The valve operates badly or not at all.

- The condition of the valve joint. Grease the joint or replace the valve if greasing is not sufficient.

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The Cooper Pegler NSTS16/12/2016

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