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Durable, accurate and simply the toughest

Diaphragm pumps have been used for decades, proving to be the most durable, robust and accurate: they are well suited for intensive applications even under very harsh conditions.


With no direct friction beween the diaphragm and the surface, pumping is made easier and more comfortable compared to a piston pump. Its volume per stroke is also higher.

Therefore the CP diaphragm sprayers require no service maintenance nor lubrication other than routine cleaning, resulting in a long-life product.

Wear resistant: the unique pump tolerates abrasive particles, like wettable powders and dirty water with no risk of damaging the sprayer.

Thanks to its combined thickness and flexibility (specific technical plastic material: technopolymer), the CP diaphragm is highly hermetic and resistant, ensuring long-life and performance from the sprayer.

Being the central part of this specific technology, the diaphragm has to be replaced by a genuine CP part once worn: ask for the CP marked diaphragms, easy to identify as genuine CP parts.

The diaphragm pump system generates pressure through the deformation of the very flexible diaphragm.

Controlled pressure:

To avoid overdosing, the relief valve limits the pressure to the maximum level (either on the low-setting- for herbicides- or on high-for insecticides and fungicides) and simply sends the excess liquid back to the tank. it limits the unneccesary efforts and protects the sprayer.

Safety : the spray tank is not pressurized and spraying is controlled from the trigger valve.

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