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Esssential for spraying, accessories give greater precision, comfort and efficiency.

Compatible with all the products within the Cooper Pegler range, they can also be used to repair or maintain your equipement and prolong its lifespan.

A wide choice of accessories is available within the CP range for:

High treatment : lances and telescopic lances

Weeding : spray shields, regulator, pressure gauge

Good speed and performance : nozzles and calibration

Wide treatment : booms

Maintenance : spares kits

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 Main accessories : compact and attractive ! 

We provide CP customers with presentation tools showing the main accessories :

Capacity : 12 hooks x 6 accessories deep = 72 accessories

Displayed with a brand banner board

To be completed with accessories matching your selection : CP + Classic / CP Classic + 2000


 Ref 583 637

Dimensions : 1m x 0,60m

Fastenings not included, to be fixed to a perforated display or directly to the wall

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The Cooper Pegler NSTS16/12/2016

'New' Hand Held Sprayer Check List'.

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