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Leak between the handle and the spray gun tube.

Check for the presence and state of the seal and the plastic washer, put back in place or replace if necessary.

The motor is running but the device sprays only weakly or not at all.

Make sure the suction filter in the bottom of the tank is clean. Clean it if necessary.
Make sure the nozzle is not blocked. Clean if necessary.
Make sure the suction and discharge tubes are not trapped (dismantling described in the chapter on "replacing the battery")If none of these cases applies, replace your battery.

The motor is not running.

Make sure the terminals are properly connected (dismantling described in the chapter on "replacing the battery").
If the terminals are properly connected, replace your battery.

Water leaking from the bottom of the device.

Check the connections and state of the pump supply and discharge pipes. Tighten or replace if necessary.
Check the tightness of the nut on the tank tubing.

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The Cooper Pegler NSTS16/12/2016

'New' Hand Held Sprayer Check List'.

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