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After depressurizing the sprayer, check:

Lack of pressure in the air chamber

-The sealing elements located between the pump outlet and the end of the lance. If leakage occurs tighten or replace the defective item.
- The condition of the air chamber seal. Lubricate or replace if damaged.
- The presence of valves and pump. Replace if missing or damaged.
- The presence of the valve, spring and pressure relief valve seals.

Lack of pressure in the air chamber and the pump leaks

- That the diaphragm is correctly positioned and in good condition. Replace if necessary.

Liquid escapes through the nozzle without the switch being pressed

- The condition of the piston seals in the handle. Clean. Replace if damaged.

The air chamber is pressurized, but the liquid won�t come out when the switch is pressed

- That the circuit is not blocked around the quick connector, the handle filter and nozzle. Clean.
- That the quick connector is working properly by pressing the shut valve. Replace if damaged.

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The Cooper Pegler NSTS16/12/2016

'New' Hand Held Sprayer Check List'.

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